Lesson Plans for enVisionMATHTM  Grades 2-5 TEXAS EDITION

These plans are written to be used in conjunction with  the second through fifth grade Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley enVisionMATHTM Textbooks used in Texas. (If you teach in another state, I would be happy to send you a sample topic for you to compare to your text.   Some states may be compatible. ) I have included all objectives, materials, and suggested activities for the lessons in all the topics.

In addition, the vocabulary words are identified, and there is an area for noting the modifications, accomodations, and English Language Proficiency Standards you plan to do.

By completing just a few specifics and noting dates, you will have met all the state and district requirements for lesson plans. You also have the flexibility to include only selected lessons and to insert custom lessons to supplement your curriculum as you desire.

They will be online for easy access by administration and can be printed as a paper copy. Since these lesson plans are easily adaptable from year to year, you'll be able to DO IT ONCE and MAKE IT EASY!