Make It Easy

Do It Once!

Offering Quality Teacher Aids to Make Your Job Easier

I have taught in the public schools of Texas for 27 years, with experience in K-6 regular education, Special Education, Gifted and Talented, and English as a Second Language.  Throughout my career I collaborated with many other teachers and became convinced that the secret to getting others to do a job well is to Make It Easy for them.

After many years of working too many hours, I embraced the idea that I could find ways to do many jobs only once, thus eliminating repetitous work. That was the key to accomplishing more in the classroom, meeting the needs of students, and the demands of administration and the ever-increasing state standards.  

The products and workshops I offer are those that I have developed and tested over many years.  Through utilizing these tools, I have found I was able to maximize what was accomplished in the classroom, while minimizing the demands on my preparation time. 

As another service, I have also developed ways to organize and store math teaching materials through the  FIND IT!  system,  so that I didn't waste time looking for what I needed.

I will be happy to talk with you about what I can do to help your teachers do more, in less time, and with less stress!

Jeri Boyer